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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #210

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #210. Here we are already at mid-April 2023. The weather is changing and humans are starting to get out of their cocoons to be outside shopping, traveling, and floating around to many different locations. Be smart in all that you do and locations you transit. See more below under OPSEC.

Hope for Survival is celebrating our 4th Anniversary and it has been a whirlwind of four years. Time has flown by and continues doing so. It has been such an honor meeting so many wonderful Patriot sisters and brothers in many different states in our great nation. Thank you for being a part of our history and your support to HFS and to each other.

Life is busy trying to build classes for upcoming teaching events, planting our garden, visiting with family for Easter, travel with my day job, and keeping up with life. I have to remind myself daily to also be selective of what I choose to do and where I go based on current events in our nation today. It is not living with fear but making wise chooses to where I go and situations, I place myself in. You should be doing the same.

If technology works right, you will be getting this PENL while I'm driving back from Huntsville, AL to East TN. It will be a quick turn as I head back out on Sunday for a training class to a private group. Next week I will be spending time finalizing the multiple training classes to present to those attending all day preparedness training in Central, NC on Saturday, April 22, 2023. Exciting times indeed. It is great going to different states and communities talking preparedness to like-minded Patriots.

Let us move along....

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Check out HFS YouTube. - The newest video is on using galvanized raised bed garden frames as suggested by a Patriot sister from TN a few weeks ago. I purchased a few of them and share it with you in this video.

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