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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #81

Fellow Patriots,

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #81. Thank for stopping by to spend some time with us this week. We are under a week until the national election and I'm not sure we know anymore now then a month or six months ago. Covid-19 is increasing

Ms. Lucy and I enjoyed a trip over to Northwestern, GA to meet some new like minded preparers. We spent one day providing eight full hours of preparedness training and day two was visiting a family of preparers to discuss and assess their preparedness plans. Any time we can spend with like minded preparers is great and its like being with family. It was a great trip and always comforting to meet new folks who are putting forth the effort to become prepared and self-reliant. We appreciate all the hospitality and great food and friendship. More on the food topic in "thoughts for the week."

If you are a guest or newcomer to the HFS journey, please check out this link for additional information offered through HFS. I have removed the weekly newcomer information and guest guide and the link takes you to an article I just posted for all this information to welcome and help you take advantage of all the HFS information and material provided. I have added this feature to allow PENL regular readers less text to wade through weekly and it shortens the overall PENL product several pages of text.

HFS YouTube - I posted two new videos to the HFS page this week for your viewing. You can check them out at

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week 29 with a great Zoom meeting. This weeks zoom featured a special guest to discuss being a post-apocalyptic author, pilot, and homesteader. Mr. Steven Bird, retired Navy, current aviator and DD-12 Post-Apocalyptic author, spent about two hours of his valuable time with the HFS Zoom group to share thoughts on homesteading, writing his books and answer questions. The HFS Zoom group and I personally thank Steve for taking time out to share his story. You can check out Steven's work at

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual rally event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week

We are less than one week from the upcoming 2020 Presidential election and this could be the most important election of our lifetime, so far. We thought 2016 was critical, but this one tops that one. By far. Personal opinion.

Because of uncertainty to where I will be on election day, I went ahead and decided to vote by absentee here in Alabama while I'm here. Alabama does not have early voting. I went on the website and printed out my forms, filled them in, and headed for the county courthouse to take care of it. WOW. Shocker. My simple trip lasted 4 1/2 hours. The line for absentee voting was well over 500 people and I was told it has been this way daily since the option opened two weeks ago.

A few observations from the court house:

Security was very controlled and tight. Lots of city and county police officers on foot and in vehicles surrounding the approach paths and actual court house. So a show of force was apparent.

Across the street from the court house (on one of the four sided building with voters standing in line around all four sides waiting to reach a single point entry, two shiny black suburban's remained parked. Outside one could see several black males, dressed alike, monitoring the personnel waiting in line. A friend told me these gents stood waiting to address any issues to minority voters in line who may face voter oppression.

Based on appearance and apparel it was obvious far more Biden/Harris supporters stood waiting their chance to cast their vote. Why was it so obvious? They dawned BLM face mask, shirts, and others sported t-shirts with the Biden/Harris logo with the red and blue design. I did not see a single red Make America Great logo, hat, or shirt. I witnessed one hat with Don't Tread on Me. I asked another voter "isn't it illegal to be at or near a polling or voting assembly wearing or carrying any clothing or material with slogans indicating a candidate of choice?" Nothing was said and it was allowed during the period I was at the court house.

There was an elderly lady sporting a black face mask with white letters saying "Black Lives Matter" and she was not in line to vote. She was walking around with her phone camera filming minority voters wearing BLM or Biden/Harris gear. She would ask if the voter was being harassed or oppressed in any way.

Don't get me wrong, I fully and totally support equal rights and the choice to vote for either political party. It's America. My issue is about following the laws and rules equally. Nuff said.

Of course none of the shirts, mask, or propaganda prompted me to sway my vote in any way. I do believe it didn't sway others either. I believe many already made up their mind to their chosen candidate. It was simply the point of following voting laws. Why should I expect anything different from what I witnessed.


It was great to find the opportunity to link up and share breakfast with my Patriot brother in Huntsville during my week in Alabama. Brother G is always full of life and positive spirit. I'm always amazed at how much G and his wife, Ms. T accomplishes in their preparedness steps in between our visits. I learn so much each time we get to share time together. From animals to building a cellar, to salvaging lumber to build outbuildings and decks to raising and caring for egg layers, security cameras to Ham radio. If we could only package all this energy and information. Thanks for sharing your time with me over breakfast and the preparedness goody bag you gifted me. Bless you both. .


I don't know about you but my fun meter is about pegged out on the "abort" level in regards to the Biden, Joe and Hunter, and the rest of the fiasco the media fails to report. Rush Limbaugh stated on his daily radio broadcast, Oct 28, 2020, the media has been handed an ultimatum if they cover the story now, they will be blocked from any White House coverage during a Biden/Harris administration. How about that. Got to love transparency. This story grows deeper and deeper by the hour. Seems this could be another, of many reasons to why the Deep State wishes to oust the current President from holding office. At what point in history did the Government stop representing the people instead of robbing them of their hard earned income and taxing them to pad their state coffers and friends wallets. Another point, is it just me or does it seem the left's confidence in victory has reached a point of arrogance? I want to ask you a question. Have you asked yourself internally what you will do and how you will handle it if in the end the we have a new administration? Are you braced for it if it happens? They are getting away with treason and robbing our great nation of our history and laws of the constitution and all we get as a result is crickets. Are you ready and can you handle the possibility of the unwanted. You better brace for it.

Next ...

What is the price for Freedom? Do you realize after months of being locked in our homes and away from our communities, many will become dependent on the system. The price for freedom will grow more difficult. The longer folks are dependent or grow dependent and have others doing everything for them, freedom will become more difficult for many because it means the individual must be self-reliant and self-dependent. This means more work for the individual. How many will find it to difficult and opt for dependency on the system and government. This is the goal of the system, right? Have you noticed over the past 20 years how our society has grown to not ask questions and simply follow the direction put before them? Less thinking on their own and more of a direction provided society. Sort of like a control directed society, right?

Imagine a global society where everything is controlled. Food, water, work, movement, access to friends, birthrates, and so forth. Hmm, are we witnessing some of these items now? Access to family and friends? I know of people who have not been allowed to visit family members for months because of Covid-19 restrictions. Birthrates. Hmmm, the United States rate of birth has been down for several years. Education, relationships, and cost are driving individuals and couples away from having children. Abortion on demand is killing off a large number of babies and specifically the black babies. Moral and religious foundations are crumbling and decreasing in numbers therefore lending to the theory above. Morals are eroding while pornography, pedophilia, same sex marriages, transgenderism, societal forgiveness of crimes, and the list goes on and on. Seductive clothing on children, family erosion and loss of family construct, hatred of authority figures and the family concept in general. Get the point? While the historical foundation we have loved and lived by has reached a point where it appears to be vanishing for many reasons. We could debate the reasons all day. While all this takes place, the increase in dependency of authority increases.

A large percentage of the global populace cannot function and survive on self-dependency. The freedom as we have known it is quickly becoming a memory of the past. If you wish to get a better perspective of what I'm talking about simply look at California. Many believe dependency is the best option. Higher taxes and government control of the people. Laws and restraints control the citizens ability. Really? I'm sure there will be more to come on this topic.


One of our Patriot Sisters in North Alabama, Taz Lady conducted the water/lime egg preservation test and shared the results with us. Here's her comments and photographs supporting her test.

She wrote:

"For what it is worth, here is my take on water glassing eggs when hens are prolific in laying to have on hand when production is low.

I chose to use a gallon jar with a screw on lid which was the preferred method according to a study done by Cornell University. This does not let the water evaporate or discolor during the process.

Stir 1qt hydrated lime (sodium silicate) per 9 qts water. Lime can be found very cheaply at hardware stores (sometimes used in pickles). It will not all dissolve. There will be a slight “crust” to form on top of the water which is normal.

Eggs were collected between 4/30 and 5/31 this year and carefully placed in the solution. The eggs must have no cracks, feathers or waste (poop) and NOT washed so the bloom stays intact.

Temperature is the main culprit in deterioration. Optimal temp for eggs whether fresh or preserved should be 36-58f to retain best overall quality. My eggs were stored at room temp of 66-72f.

I hard boiled, scrambled, and fried finding no taste difference when compared to fresh. However, not all yolks broke out intact.

There was no difference in quality when used in baking. So... I give a thumbs up on storing with this method if refrigeration is not an option but refrigerating would produce a higher quality outcome.

As far as shelf life of eggs in general, I referred to for the following info: Fresh unwashed eggs can be stored at room temp 2-3 wks or up to 3 mos refrigerated Water glassed 5-6 mos refrigerated (or at low temps) for best quality Eggs can be beaten and frozen for up to 1 yr.

The eggs cracked when boiling even though I salted the water.

Free range and water glassed for 5 mos. Notice the rich color : Albumen thicker and more intact.

Boiled or fried no difference

Cake baked light and fluffy"

Next ...

One of our Patriot sisters over in Western N.C., Mountain Mama shared the below link and information to another preparers goldmine Networking and sharing is a great thing in preparedness. I do believe one can sign up and get on the newsletter mailing list for this organization. The monthly newsletter is loaded. Mountain Mama shared the below information from the organizations newsletter: Thanks Mountain Mama for sharing this location and information. This is long but it shows you the wealth of information provided.

Heartsong Farm Newsletter November 1, 2020

Faye Streiff, N.D.     Naturopath, herbalist.

Allan Streiff, ag consultant, Biodynamic farmer. or l-828-421-7094

Heartsong is a biodynamic teaching farm, specializing in Soil Regeneration.  

NOTE ON FARMER’S MARKET:  We are only going occasionally, so if you need something, e-mail us and make an appointment to come by the farm.  We are not far from town.  

WINTER HOURS:  FARMER’S MARKET ON WINTER HOURS STARTING NOV. 1.  10:00 ‘TIL NOON every Saturday, behind Rathskeller, downtown Franklin, N.C.

Allan will do consults at your home or farm for advice on growing, how to keep your plants healthy and productive and also on Dirty Electricity.  He will bring his meters and tools and check for ley lines running or crossing through your house and energy spikes due to faulty electric wiring and tell you how to correct it.  $50 plus mileage. 

Upcoming classes:   From end of November through January we are taking a break from doing classes except sporadically.  We’ll keep you updated.  

Surviving Grid Down workshop was done in September.   If you missed the class and want the information, my book by the same name is available.  Even if we aren’t going to Farmer’s Market, I can send by a friend for you to pick up there or you can come by the farm off Airport Road.  Just call ahead and order.  $12. For the book. 

The short classes below are $10 per person.  These are beyond college level courses, and instead of paying thousands of dollars we want to make them available for anyone interested. Allan’s classes on Biodynamic Survival Gardening continue.  Please RSVP two days before classes to let us prepare.  We like to keep classes small, so sign up early if you definitely want to attend.  Weather permitting, we’ll do these outside on the paved courtyard in front of the house with multiple tables and chairs set up for spacing.  However, the house is also set up for meetings and we can use that as an alternative.  

Plenty of time for all your questions.  2:00 until 3:30 or a little later, depending on questions.

October 18th.  2:00 Sunday at Heartsong Farm.  Building the Soil from the Ground Up.

Learn how to do a soil test just by observation of what is growing on that soil.  We will also teach you how to build good potting soil by using what is available on your own land or easily obtainable.  Allan has set up the cement mixer to mix soil to show you.  Each student will get a small bag of mineral mix with potting soil we make in class, to take home as part of this session.  

October 25th.  1:30  Sunday at Heartsong Farm.  Feeding the Unseen Herd.  Ways to increase and protect the microbial life in the soil and feed them so they can feed your crop.  Living soil vs. dead soils.  Each farm or group brings in a soil sample and we’ll look at the active microbes and minerals available under the microscope.  Allan will teach you how to add these to your soil using a bucket at home for small areas and what mycorrhiza works best for fruit trees, blueberries or other crops.  Just got in mycorrrhiza, both endo and ecto in each bag and ordered extra in case anyone needs any.  $6. For a 3 oz. bag of Soil Moist which has the mycorrhiza and a gel to keep roots moist when transplanting. Makes plants thrive, grow a strong root system so they grow faster and not shock when transplanting.  Amazing stuff.  

Nov. 1st.  2:00 Sunday at Heartsong Farm.  Introduction to:  Increasing Effective Sunlight, Alternative Energy Sources and Devices, Modifying Climate for Better Growing.  There are ways to reflect more light back onto plants when we have too much cloud cover. This year the available sunlight was over 5 to 6 per cent less than normal and it delayed ripening of many crops.  The excessive flooding rains rotted most crops in the field.  Even a fence or side of a house or barn can reflect light and increase heat to shield crops from wind, or ripen them faster with the additional heat and light.   This will be a 2 or 3 part class due to extensive information we need to cover.  Follow ups will be Nov. 8th or at a later date.  Holidays are upon us and we’ll break for a while for that.  

We’ve had a few newbies to gardening at the classes.  If you need a beginner’s course, please let us know and we’ll put something together just for you.  You will need charts for Companion Planting, Organic Growing Tips, Planting Dates and spacing.  We have laminated copies of those.  We want everyone to be successful at growing!

After Jan. 1, we will do a class on microbiology and you can look at your own live blood under the microscope.  You have to do your own finger prick and place it on the slide.  We have all the sterile equipment for you to use.  Allan will explain to you what you are seeing.  He has many years of experience in medical labs.  

HEIRLOOM SEED:  We have an assortment of heirloom seed for $1. Per packet, generous amount of seeds in each envelope.  Waltham Broccoli, turnips, rutabaga, Cylindra beet, Detroit Beet, Mangel beet, radish, several types of loose leaf lettuce, yellow squash, Butternut, assorted tomatoes, and assorted peppers.  


Building an Iron Clad Immune System by Faye Streiff

Stress is one of the things that tears down the immune system fast.  Loss of sleep, getting too cold, excessive worry, or working so much you are sleep deprived takes a heavy toll.  Eating well and getting plenty of organic fruits and veggies helps a lot, but not so much if you are seriously stressed.  How to deal with it?  Learn to meditate or take time for yourself in nature so you can unwind.  Stop worrying about the things you cannot change, you’ve already done all you can.  Life has a way of working out.  Always do everything with a thought to the future and the repercussions of all your actions.  How will it affect you, your children, or your friends/family/neighbors?  Laughter and taking time to enjoy those things you like the most and surrounding yourself with things that are uplifting, including favorite music, can increase the immune system many times over.  So, in a nutshell, staying happy is the best immune boost there is, combined with a very good diet and a safe environment.  Herbs like echinacea or gynostemma and many others, build the immune system.  If you do get sick and are concerned about a cytokine storm turning your immune system against you and damaging internal organs (can happen with some strains of influenza including Covid), herbs like Houttuynia can stop the cytokine response.  In cooler weather make sure to eat more heating herbs (cayenne, ginger, garlic) and take Vitamin C or eat fresh fruit or veggies to get it naturally, at least 3 or more times a day.  With foods it absorbs more slowly as it digests and keeps blood levels more stable than popping a pill will accomplish.   Perhaps do both.  Any time you are exposed to something toxic, or get chilled, your body burns through the Vitamin C and uses it up, in an attempt to protect itself.   If you can’t get Vitamin C otherwise, make tea from pine needles or soak red sumac berries in water and drink it (delicious).  Rose hips made into a long simmered tea, or berry leaves (from all edible berries with strawberry leaves being extremely high), are a great source of C and other minerals as well.  Those trace and major minerals are a key to good health and strong bodies/bones. 

OSTEOPOROSIS:  And speaking of bones, osteoporosis is simply scurvy of the bone, so Vitamin C is the main building block as it changes the way the body uptakes other minerals.  We usually get plenty of calcium in our diets anyway, if it is reasonable good and you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  If not, eat more calcium rich foods or add a supplement made from food sources, for instance chicken cartilage or collagen.  Add silica, Vitamin D and 3 to 5 mg. Boron per day and you’ve got the basic building blocks for great skeletal health.  I’m 71 this year, and have dropped heavy 100 plus pound boards or multiple cattle panels on my feet and fallen down a partial flight of stairs and haven’t broken anything yet.  Anyone who has ever taken steroids or who eats too much protein and/or a too acid diet has greatly weakened their bones.  The body buffers the acidity by robbing the calcium right out of the bones.  

Basswood versus Mulberry

Lots of basswood growing in these woods. I have mulberry too and some of the leaves are very similar to each other.  However, mulberry can have three types of leaves, both the solid, pointed ones like the basswood, but also a mitten shaped or 3 lobed leaf.  Some trees, like mine that are producing berries, only have the leaves that look like basswood.  The mulberries are great but you have to beat the birds to them.  Young mulberry leaves can be brewed as a tea, are a complete protein, and cause apoptosis of cancer cells as it breaks the chitin coating so the body’s own immune system can destroy them.  It does this quickly, in the first 36 hours. 

Basswood is sometimes called Linden and is very edible, with a sweet tasting tea made from the leaves.  It is used for cough and cold symptoms and other things.  Do some research and find out more about the healing or edible herbs/plants we have growing in North Carolina.  As you learn more, you will be simply amazed at the magnitude of the bounty we have been so generously provided by Nature.  The temperate rain forests of the Appalachian Mountains have more medicinal and edible plants than any other eco system in the world.  How blessed we are!   In late spring through early fall, we’ll do more herb classes at Heartsong Farm.  

Nut Season:

Watch for hickory, black walnut, hazelnut, beechnut, chinquapin (a tiny chestnut), and acorns this time of year.  Even the seed of redbuds is edible.  All acorns are edible, but many are so full of tannins they are too bitter to eat.  Leach all of them in water, change daily, and do this a week or more to get the tannins out.  Generally, the smaller the cap, the less the tannin content.  When the water stops coloring brown, and is clear, most of the tannins are out,  Crack and shell the acorns, roast like any other nut and grind or chop and use in recipes.  A sweet bread recipe made with half acorn and half flour and a little molasses or honey is incredible.  The roasted acorns can also be brewed like coffee or mixed with chicory or other hot beverage ingredients for a nourishing hot treat.  I sometimes leach them and crack and throw in for my chickens and it is a nice, high protein, high oil content treat for them.  Goats, horses, deer and wild turkey all relish acorns.  Sometimes cows or even horses can eat too many and get tannic acid indigestion or even poisoning.  Goats have something in their saliva that neutralizes tannins so it doesn’t hurt them as much unless they just overeat until they get an impacted rumen, which can also happen.  After lying on the ground and getting rained on a few times, it has naturally leached some of the tannins out.  

Nuts have plenty of good oils, especially the Omega oils we all need to be healthy, and plenty of Vitamin E in a natural form.  It is the best way to get your Vitamin E because once broken, a nut starts to oxidize and Vitamin E quickly becomes rancid.  Raw nuts should be a part of the diet, just a few, at least several times a week.  

Just what is Pot Liquor?  When our grandparents grew and cooked greens, the leftover water in the pot was called pot liquor.  No alcohol at all, but servants or children were often given the juice which was rich in nutrients, more so even than the vegetables.  So don’t throw out that cooking water from kale, collards, turnips or other green leafy vegetables.  It is a tonic for you and a wonderful way to get more easy to assimilate minerals in your system.  Drink it like you would tea or use it in soups.  

Products for Sale: 

Organic/Biodynamic Produce:  

Spinach or Swiss chard $4 bag.  (Sold out for now and/or we are eating all of it) Hope to have more soon.

Radish $1. Bunch.  

Young turnip greens $3 extra large bag.  (Tender and delicious)

Jerusalem Artichokes (sunchokes) $5 lb.  If you order online, they are at least $10 per lb.  These are Stampede variety, a light cream color and some are very large.

Free Range eggs from happy hens $5. Dozen  (very limited quantity)

green apple wood for smoking meat  $3. Per bag.    

Maury’s Minerals. $15. Lb.   Dry or Liquid $15. Quart.  

Foundation (humate for soil). $15. Quart container

Calcium Drench (for bugs on plants or when you need added vitality). $15.  

Cal/Phos powder $15. For 2 lbs. dry, or 1 quart liquid.  

Soil Moist 3 oz. bag for $8.  Inoculates with many strains of mycorrhiza and also keeps roots hydrated when transplanting). When you inoculate your plant roots with a quarter teaspoon of this in water, they get off to a fast start and are much more vigorous.  Each teaspoon is enough to do a lot of plants. Small ziplock bags (several teaspoons) for $3. 

Laminated Charts $3.   Favorite bread recipes; Favorite bean recipes;  Making jams/jellies without added pectin;  Herbal Teas and their uses;  Organic Garden Tips & Companion Planting, with soil temps for best germination.  

Faye’s Green Drink (back in stock). $28.  Per lb. bulk  or $14 in smaller containers (almost a half pound). Spirulina, chlorella, barley green powder, wheat grass powder, kelp, dulse, bladderwrack, broccoli powder, apple fiber.  Detoxes heavy metals & radiation, and nourishes adrenal glands.  

Faye’s Books & DVDs.  Books are $12 and DVDs are $15. 

Surviving Grid Down

Body Beautiful, Weight Loss & Rejuvenation (about finding your balance for optimum health)

Secret in the Well (based on the true story of Faye’s family during the civil war and how her great grandmother hid her son in a cavern in the well when he deserted near the end of the war, how they almost lost the plantation, survival skills they used and how the women/children managed to survive against all odds)

Herb Walk DVD (over 40 plants at different seasons and how they were used) $15. Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Appalachians

Tinctures:  2 oz. size

Sleep Formula $14

Catnip  $10.

Houttuynia (chameleon plant) $12.   (Can stop cytokine storm)

Kidney/Lymph Cleanse. $10.  Larger size 6 oz. for $25. 

Plantain $10.  for UTI or bowel infection

Usnea.  $14.   Natural antibiotic like and will not kill intestinal flora

Tremor or Pain Formula. $14

Parasite Cleanse. $14.   Hulda Clark formula

Elderberry Leaf infusion/tincture.  $12.  (Stronger in action than the juice)

Thieves Oil (very concentrated). $25.  Use a few drops on clothing or in a diffuser to disinfect the air you breath safely.  

New Product:  Kidney/Lymph cleanse tincture 6 oz. bottle $25.

Silica drops. $8. 2 oz.  Silica keeps bones resilient, flexible and strong.  

Heal All Salve, has 5 herbs, for healing cuts and scrapes and preventing infection.  Great for cellulitis, which is an infection, usually staph, which often gets into subcutaneous tissue from tiny breaks in the skin and causes severe inflammation and swelling.  $15. 2 oz. tin.  This is one you never want to be without.  Amazing results and feedback from people who use it.  

Cedar cutting boards milled and hand made by Allan Streiff.   Fish shaped.  $8.

PLANTS:  Over winter, green plants indoors can enhance your sense of well being and help put you in a comfort zone.  They also act as air purifiers.

We have a much larger variety of plants in the warm season.  Everything going dormant now due to cold temps.  

Setting out berry bushes or fruit/nut trees gets you off to a fast start, if you do it in the fall rather than the spring.  Trees have a chance to root down, become dormant and then take off when weather warms in spring.  Sometimes they will bear an entire year faster this way.  

Spider Plant (absorbs toxic household chemicals like formaldehyde so it cleans the air) $8 hanging basket or pot.  (Several plants)

Gynostemma in hanging basket. $20.  (The Chinese Immortality Tea, just snip leaves and use fresh or dried in foods or as tea).  

Small pots $8.  

MINI DWARF CAVENDISH BANANA, Grow indoors in pot for winter, bring outdoors when night time temps are warmer.   Will produce bananas when given enough daylength and warmth.  Large, healthy multiple plants in each pot.  SPECIAL THIS MONTH $30. Each pot.  These make a beautiful, luxuriant house plant.  

Rhubarb (an old heirloom variety with deep red stalks) $12. Pot.  

Strawberry plants $1.50 each.   Hanging baskets with 4 plants $10.  Most of the 4 varieties we have are ever bearing.  Bring indoors and hang by a window so they get sun over winter and they will usually keep bearing.  Heavy feeders, so side dress with minerals and compost occasionally and stick a fork in the soil and lift slightly to aerate it so it remains bacterial dominant and doesn’t become anaerobic and fungal dominant, which they don’t like.  

Horseradish $5. Potted.  

Thornless Blackberry $18. Each. 2 year old well established, potted.  SOLD OUT FOR SEASON.  

Red raspberry in pot $5.  

Gooseberry $8.  (Reddish/bronze)

Cedar trees, potted.  $5 each.  (Only have 2 left).  Use as living Christmas trees and plant them in your yard or just grow them because they are beautiful.    

Cold Hardy Pecans from trees currently grown and bearing nuts in Franklin, N.C.  $15.  Young Seedling trees.  Limited quantities.  

Talk to us about what soil amendments or soil mixes you need for best results for the plants you are growing, if you do not already know.  

Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes) are available now.  I love those sautéed with carrots.  Throw the cleaned carrot slices in a pan with a smear of coconut oil, cook on medium low heat for 5 or 6 minutes, then add chopped sunchokes.  Sprinkle with ginger and thyme, a little sea salt and cook until as tender as you like them.  Such a healthy dish and delicious.  We’ll have sunchokes available this fall at $5 per lb. Pre order if you can, especially if you want for planting, as we ran out last year due to high demand.  Stampede variety in case anyone wants for planting and if you do, order them as such so we don’t scrub them as much and we’ll also pick out the best, largest tubers for planting.  Cut off knobs and plant 12 to 18 inches apart in soft soil, at least 4 inches deep, and keep them mulched.  Full sun.  This makes a perennial crop and they come back year after year.  Medium feeder, but they don’t like competition from grass or weeds, and do like the mulch.  They can produce 5x as much as potatoes on an equal amount of land.  Prune back when they get 18” or so high and they will bunch up and produce much more tubers, as much as 20 lbs per plant.  Tops are great fodder for livestock, 28 percent protein, so use fresh or dried.  My rabbits love them!  

RAISING SMALL LIVESTOCK You don’t have to buy expensive alfalfa hay or pellets for your small livestock, just grow river cane, wild giant ragweed, or Jerusalem Artichokes for the forage, or find a patch of kudzu that is not sprayed, and they will get comparable amounts of protein and minerals from the leaves.  Clover is high protein, but too much can cause bloating in ruminants, and should always be fed with a dry grass hay.  Mulberry leaves are a complete protein.  All these plants are easy to dry for winter storage as hay.  If anyone is interested in a Raising Small Livestock Naturally class, let us know and we’ll put you on the notify list for that in the future.  No obligation to attend.  We’ll cover poultry, goats and sheep, rabbits.  

Here is a supporting website to the soil importance and needs of the soil.


We had a great trip to Calhoun and Adairsville, GA on Sunday and Monday. It is great meeting new preparers and bringing on new family to the preparedness world. Even though these trips are exhausting, while working a full time day job, they are still worth the time and effort to travel and bring in new preparedness families to HFS. I really enjoy the questions and learning from each person attending training. The concerns and wonders of so many American Patriots to what tomorrow could bring.

Our Patriot brother and sister from Lawrenceville, GA journeyed up for the day and prepared a great lunch and dinner to the group. Imagine, spending day getting preparedness training and then finding preparedness food waiting for you. MRE's, No 10 canned food, soups, and so forth. Yum, yum. Good stuff. Thanks brother H for your time and resources to pull this off.

Ms. Lucy and I also extend our thanks to the Calhoun group for the invite and time spent together to share our preparedness message with you. I would also like to thank the HFS regulars who connected via Zoom to attend the all day training. Thanks for being a part of the day.

We continued our trip on Monday to conduct an assessment of a local farm owned by one of training class families. Training is great but going onsite to work with a family and review their plans and preparedness levels is awesome. These are real families with real concerns to what tomorrow brings and our future. Helping others find answers and reach a comfort level is very satisfying. We are in this together and helping one another should always be a priority. Right?

Here is a short HFS Video with some footage from Calhoun, GA, on some of the training and our Patriot brother describing the delicious lunch he served up. It was a great day in Calhoun.

On a side note to this trip. Something that really stood out to me driving the backroads through northeast Alabama over to northwest Georgia was all the boarded up windows to many ma and pa businesses. Closed. For good. Done. Small town America. These are our people. Ma and Pa living the American dream that has been shattered by the Covid-19 lock downs and restrictions. How will these folks now survive. Winter is rapidly approaching and their way of life gone. Think about that. They live around us trying to survive without their income and basic needs. How long before their food and shelter runs out? They could become part of the many who will be without the basics. As we hear rumors of another lockdown coming soon, more will be added to this list of citizens in need. How could this impact your preparedness resources and plans? Think about it.

Next ....

Festus forwarded this article to me and we have conversed on this topic for years. We have also presented the topic in our weekly Thursday Zoom group as well as me asking you here the same point. That being, have you decided what is your final line in the sand before you will step up and out to defend you home, community and nation? I know some folks left the city to relocate to urban communities to hopefully avoid potential anarchy and violence. But when the violence possibly heads to the urban environment, how will you deal with it? Have you thought about it? Check out this good article from NC. Scout at American Partisan.


Did you hear that Wal Mart has pulled all guns and ammunition from the store shelves in selected cities and areas? The articles says selected areas but I am hearing stories from "boots on the ground" consumers even smaller towns are seeing the same reaction from Wal Mart. My question is; is this a CEO decision based on a gut feeling or did someone possibly pass this information down to Wal Mart from a good source? The corporation has the right and freedom to do this and it's not the point here. I simply wonder what drove Wal Mart to take these steps? I think it is a prudent measure. A big thanks to our Patriot Sister over in SC for sending this my way. Here is the link to the story.

Okay, lets move along to the news…

Preparedness News

1. From Ken Jorgustin - Modern Survival Blog - - This topic alone can amount to hours and hours of discussion. "Who do I trust?" "How do I know when I can trust a person?" "I don't trust my neighbor but they know everything we have stocked." "How do I know who knows I am a preparer?" "How long should I vet a person before giving them access to my preparedness plans and resources?" My question to you is....have you figured out the answer to the question? I hope so.

2. Coin Wipes - - These are great for wipes, toilet paper or gauze. They are sterile and come at 500 for roughly $36.00. Excellent for the back pack because they take up limited space. Requires about two tea spoons of water. You can see in the picture below the starting size ad finished product. Thanks to my Huntsville Patriot brother - G-Man and Patriot sister Ms. T for sharing these with me. Ms. T packed these in a sealable plastic to keep them clean and dry.

3. From Laurie Neverman - Common Sense Home - - I don't know about you but I love cottage cheese and would miss not having it from time to time. It is also a good tummy filler if your food diet is limited.

4. From Survival Pulse - - This is another site to tab and save for random viewing. This site offers many topics and updated selected news stories to review.

5. From Ken - Clever Survivalist - - This is another area most folks lack understanding and skills to perform. If you haven't been trained through military service or specifically sought out training, most folks focus and rely on time at the local range and never advance towards tactics training. Worse case, watch YouTube videos to learn concepts and movements. It could save your life.

Other News

1. Barry Brownstein - American Institute of Economic Research - - Very interesting article. I think it would be safe to assume in todays culture in America most citizens are so overwhelmed with their own issues to survive life they are fairly mindless to national events occurring daily. Right? Don't you find through general conversation most non-preparer friends and family they are consumed by the lies of our social media and internet want-to-be lawyers? (Thanks Festus for sending this my way.)

2. From Michael Brown - Town Hall - - Another good opinion piece on what the author believes to be our future in America. Revolution regardless of the winner of the upcoming election. Are you ready? (Thanks to our Patriot brother from North GA for submitting this article)

3. From Emma Nolan - Newsweek - - Just when one thought it couldn't become more off the charts, California Gov Newsom strikes again. If these off the chart rules and regulations don't demand state citizens stand up and scream enough is enough, I don't think anything will. Have you read the most recent state direction on Thanksgiving? I'm pretty certain these rules will not apply to the wealthy and elite of the state. The state governor is directing the menu now.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters. Stay alert and strong.

Thanks much for your time to read the PENL and hanging with us at Hope for Survival. We all have different desires in news and what we read at different points in our day. Hopefully HFS has provided information to stimulate your thinking and the realities around us. It is important for you to keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination.

Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. Visit the HFS YouTube page and check out the numerous preparedness videos. Subscribe and hit like. It’s a minimal price to pay for free information. I appreciate you sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress moving you forward. Keep charging ahead.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. The election is three blinks away and we all know our current situation could use some extra prayers. Please pray for a calm nation and focus on the purpose of the election and what the results of the election could mean, both candidates. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation as we approach our election. May peace be cast upon us and protect us as we vote. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation. Amen.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people. Don’t allow the events around us to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on hope. We are a blessed nation and we must continue to be great people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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