Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #83

Fellow Patriots,

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #83. Thanks for being here. We are glad you stopped by to spend some time with us. We experienced weather that is wonderful here in East, TN. The leaves are golden and glisten beautifully each morning as the sun climbs out of darkness. The color has been spectacular. As the week moved forward and the rain arrived the leaves started falling like snow flakes drifting down. Soon we will be in the grip of winter. Are you ready? Have you rotated your summer to winter clothing in your back packs? Just checking.

If you are a guest or newcomer to the HFS journey, please check out this link for additional information offered through HFS.

Some changes are coming soon to Hope for Survival. The email and website will remain the same. The HFS Facebook page will move to PARLER and MeWe. This change is in process now. The HFS YouTube page will dwindle to a close and be relocated to either Rumble or Patreon. You can locate me on PARLER at Preparedness101. Once you message me I will connect and I plan to build a specific group file for HFS followers. You can also reach me on MeWe at Butch Erskine.

I'm still figuring these new platforms out as time permits. Times are changing quickly on social media platforms as Patriots are bailing on Facebook, Fox News, and twitter. As the saying goes, "elections have consequences" and Patriots and Conservatives are jumping ship on those who censored and blocked their 1st Amendment rights. I hope you are making plans and adjustments to the new playing field. So far, I have been impressed with PARLER and the up to the second updates on conservative news by Bongino, Nunes, Levin, DeSouza, Gorka, Bannon, Hannity, name a few.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week #31 in our Zoom series and spent time digging deeper in to the software programs believed to be used by the Democrats during the 2020 election. We also discussed what is your line in the sand to be crossed that will prompt you to step out to defend our nation. Lastly we dove in to the "chatter that matters" segment which allows everyone to communicate and share thoughts on topics from all preparedness areas. Ms. Taz Lady briefed the group on her personal six month project testing Egg Glassing. You can more on this project in PENL #81.

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual rally event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week

Happy Veterans Day to all you warriors from the past, present, and future. Those who took the oath and call of duty in some fashion and serve(d) this great nation in some capacity. Military, first responders, police, fire, ambulance, teachers, Government, City and Township servants. Everyone who has stood in the background year after year to ensure something was provided to others. Freedom. Peace. Response. Education, utilities such as your water and electricity. Communications. Many served in some capacity supporting others to provide for many. Thank you for your service to our great nation. I include spouses, parents, siblings, and children who watch(ed) their warrior walk out the door with a chance of never returning. I salute you.

Next ...

Over the past months and more so since the election, many Patriots are asking me the question "what is my line in the sand?" First and foremost, my line in the sand was signed in August 1982 when I took the oath to defend and protect our great nation. It still stands today as it does for many others. I know a few folks are dusting off their carbines and counting their bullets. Some are waiting for the bells to ring from the local square in town. Others are waiting for a letter in the mail or a post on Face Book. Okay, I'm being a tad sarcastic...a little bit.

Here is what I believe. That line in the sand is different for almost everyone. Few will be the same. A call to duty maybe? Who knows. But faith, family, and country, should weigh heavily in the decision to be made. Unless ordered to report for duty, one must weigh their priorities, pray, and soul search. Why? Once you step out the door you may never return home. This is not a reset like a video game. For those who witnessed the death and destruction on lands afar, you will understand what I'm saying. I'm not saying to not stand and defend our great nation. I'm simply saying it should be a last resort because once it starts there is no return to what many believe is a normal life. Death comes in all shapes and sizes and it isn't always about who has the biggest gun or the most bullets. As Sun Tzu said "90% of the battle is won before the war." Think about that.

So what do I suggest for today. Right now. Some of our legislators are on recess but should be returning to Washington D.C. very soon.. Look up their addresses and write them letters, visit their offices, call, and send non-threatening emails (unless a Democrat (kidding)). Form groups to go stand with signs outside their offices. Peaceful protest. DEMAND a full counting of all legal ballots and a full accountability of those responsible, top to bottom, who attempted to rig and rout this election. Remember, they work for us. Let them hear your concerns and demands.