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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #138

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #138. Thank you for stopping by to spend some time with us. Are you recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday? Did you get to enjoy that special post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with dressings, cranberry sauce, a slice of cheese, and some mayo? Yum, yum. Good stuff. We got to spend five days with our two daughters, son-in-laws, and five grandchildren. By Sunday we needed a long nap.

Speaking of Sunday, I had to push my nap off because I was on the road traveling to Ocoee, TN and Chattanooga, TN to meet with one of our Patriot families and then join a larger group of Patriots for lunch and introduction to the newest HFS Preparedness Group/Node/Tribe to stand up. It was an honor to meet these fine Patriots and discuss the purpose of HFS and the goal and mission of regional preparedness teams. I'm really happy for the group leaders for the journey they have ventured the past two years and to now see a team develop is pretty amazing. Great job. I love getting out and meeting all our sister and brother Patriots around the southeastern US of A. This makes 12 teams in 11 months, so far. We may have two additional teams by the end of December. Great work and motivation. Developing teams and local preparedness training is important to get hands on training and development of skills.

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year. Autumn is in full swing and the holidays are upon us. It is the season of giving back to help others in many different ways. If you are new and unaware, Hope for Survival is big on giving back to local communities. To reach out and help others who may need support of some type is important. . Sometimes a person may be down and simply need a helping hand and a smile to get back up. We have all been at this point sometime in life, right?

Since starting Hope for Survival less than three years ago, we committed to donating all proceeds from our HFS books, above printing cost, to a local food ministry in Kodak, TN. The first book was released in 2019, Hope for Survival Book - How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life and in 2021 I released a second book titled Hope for Survival - The Mindset. Through sales of both books in 2021, HFS was able to donate a total of $1,500 dollars to this growing need in the community and in reality across America. We donated $750 back in the spring and another $750 for the Christmas food drive that happened this past week. I was unable to attend, however Ms. Lucy made it over to support this monthly event. HFS has four Patriots who work this monthly ministry.

HFS Patriot Sister with HFS gift for annual Christmas food drive
Over 100 families received food support.
In addition to distributing food to those in need, Hope bags are also available.

Thank YOU to everyone who purchased HFS books in 2021.

Let us move along...

Hope for Survival now a Satellite Phone Affiliate - Owning a Satellite Phone offers a great communication advantage to a Family Communication Plan. Here is a link to more information on this topic. Hope for Survival - Satellite Phone Affiliate If you have decided you want a satellite phone already, go to the HFS website main page or blog page to find a box on the upper left and right sides. They are preloaded with the HFS Code. Check it out here as well :Blog | Survival ( If you have any questions please feel free to email me at These phones are available until they sell out. If you purchased a phone already or plan to do so, watch this short video as Justin walks you through some simple steps to assist you. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – Rally #76 was conducted after a two week break for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was much needed so Festus and I could rest our brains. This week we discussed the Sunrise Movement, Bugging Out, and then a series of "what would you do" scenarios. We ended the rally with the regular "chatter that matters where participants can speak on any preparedness topic. Thanks to everyone who could attend.

Hope for Survival YouTube and Odysee Channels- I posted two videos to the HFS YouTube page in mid November for your viewing and enjoyment. The topics covered; building a threat matrix and communication and the INMARSAT II Satellite phone. Here is the link to the threat matrix video:, Here is the link to the INMARSAT phone II video link. HFS INMARSAT II Satellite phone - YouTube

The next podcast video will cover different types of affordable security alarms one can use to sound the alarm of a threat near your home. I hope to have it available on YouTube early next week to midweek. Hope you can find time to check them out.

If you have not already, please consider subscribing to the HFS YouTube and HFS Odysee channels. We would appreciate your consideration. Because I still work a full time day job, time is limited and I have not been able to set up a routine schedule for recording and posting videos yet. Thanks for hanging with me. Share the link with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who subscribed in the past week few weeks.

HFS Mobile Training:

If you would like HFS to come to your community to conduct training classes or speak on the importance of preparedness feel free to contact me.

Communications: You can now follow HFS social media on the following outlets:

Facebook – Hope for Survival

YouTube Channel – Hope for Survival

MeWe: - //

Rumble - HopeforSurvival (Platform established. Videos coming soon)

Connect and give me a shout. Share with family and friends.

Guest and Newcomers

If you are a guest or newcomer to the HFS journey, please check out this link for additional

Hope for Survival books: Christmas is quickly getting to our door step. Do you have family members or friends who dabble with preparedness or someone you want to get started in preparedness? Then now is a great time to order and receive copies of my two preparedness books. In the past HFS members purchase books for family members who may be in their early stages of preparedness.

If you would like to buy multiple books of one type or both, email me to let me know and I will work out a special deal for you.

You can obtain information on the two HFS books at this link: Survival, Preparedness, Disaster Management for individuals or family (

Hope for Survival - How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life (Book 1)

Hope for Survival - The Mindset (Book 2)

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week

What do you believe? Pull up a chair and let us have a personal chat.

As we transition through the Covid-19 era of history, do you ever question what you believe to be true? Do you believe differently today than before the pre-Corona virus days? I don't know the answer to my question for you but I can tell you it seems over the past six months more people are reaching out to get prepared because they know something is wrong in the world and our great nation. I wonder to myself what would be different these days from the past twenty years? Lies? Different kinds of lies? Division? Inflation? Cost of living?

Personally, I try to be upbeat and positive and have a little humor in life. Just ask Ms. Lucy. I purposely focus and force myself to pay attention and do so even when it is trying and difficult. No matter how rough things may seem, keeping grounded in faith and trust in myself is the key ingredients in doing so. I remind myself almost daily, no matter how bad our country seems to be or seems to be headed towards, there is no place I would rather be or live. One can live in a house with broken windows and a leaky roof. Or, we can take steps to fix the problems, right? Part of the problem is we have spent years in the recliner and now we not only have broken windows, a leaky roof, a cracked driveway, rotten food in the fridge and anything else you want to include. Having been around the world pretty much and spent extended time in third world countries, there is no place like America. We are a resilient nation indeed, however things changed.

I remember as a child hearing a common theme of "baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet." Today, baseball is woke and the field is draped in banners of woke, equality, and rainbows. You have to sign a health waiver in order to consume a hot dog. Apples are GMO and no longer healthy, and if you get caught driving a Chevrolet a member of your family who owns a Ford will stop talking to you. I grew up in a time when the first person across the finish line was declared the winner. We had people races, pillow case races, tractor pull contest, pig races, horse races, and go cart races. But, we didn't have races of former horses now claiming to be pigs and now always winning. If the election is to be on Saturday, it ends at midnight. Not five days later. You see, some want to have rules and play by them while others want their own rules which neglects basic common sense and accountability. The moral guardrails in our nation fell down years ago and now things fall off the cliff much faster and easier. So it is important to ask yourself "what do you believe."

I try my best to hear and understand those who still say "nothing has changed and nothing is wrong in our country" today. I have to gasp and often I find no words to counter these remarks when I hear them. I have lots of thoughts when I hear it but a multitude of words floats in my head silently. Do I enter the debate knowing it is a lost cause in most cases? Do I have the energy at this point to take on the debate when I know how I feel daily dealing with all the negative news and changes taking place. There are many who follow events and changes and still deny where things are headed because of their past trust in the system and government to always step up and fix things. But, how can this be a fixable problem when it is the government imposing many of the changes and laws against it's own people? Debt, welfare programs, encouraged joblessness, forced unemployment, and forced business closures, mandated vaccines denying the freedom of choice. How about all the professionals speaking out against the vaccine being snubbed and shut down from practicing healthcare when the nation endures a pandemic? Then we have all the other standing laws for legal land grabs and confiscation of personal resources such as food, water, and firearms. I ask, how can anyone not see these things?

Conspiracies they say. I'm told I am old and just don't see the new world and direction it is headed. Really? Most of what I listed above has occurred in the last 18 months. They are not conspiracies. They are reality. Is the conspiracy because the average person refuses to see things for what they are? Are many who can afford to do so hiding behind their ability to afford the self imposed sheltering around their own life? I don't know about you, but I personally feel exhausted on this topic and I simply do not want to encounter this debate any longer. Am I weak for feeling this way? I don't know but it is exhausting to say the least.

Festus and I have been on this journey far longer than most. We have been shoulder deep in this stuff for over ten years. Reading, tracking, researching, discussing, trying to help others, writing, training, talking, debating, and on and on. As we have shared with the HFS Zoomer's in our weekly meetings, we found the puzzle pieces from 2009 through 2016. We started seeing the same puzzle pieces coming together in 2018 through today. We have tried to share this with others to help them along but often run in to those who can't handle what the picture appears to be unfolding. We beat the drum on 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, the Global Brain, digital passports, the global reset, and all the existing and future surveillance tools deployed and still to come. Few paid attention or wanted to hear it. We would mention a global reset several years ago and got the crazy stare. Now as these things are common conversation and podcast topics folks want to ask us about it and we simply have to state, "yea, we told you about this stuff several years ago and you chose not to listen months ago." Hmmm. Now, this is a personal choice and I respect that completely. But, when a person chooses to listen to Q Anon and other big time podcasters talking about the rabbit in the hat trick, it reinforces my question on "what do you believe." Even when we laid it out in plain writing or suggested they read a book to learn more, it was the feeling a used car salesman must feel at 5 PM on Christmas eve when trying to sale a car.

While many preparers are out stocking food, learning skills, and passing ham radio test, others are tuned to their podcast taking notes to get the date right when former President Trump will appear from the black hat when the rabbit screams now. Yea, I say this often and will continue to do so. Our goal here is to help as many as possible while time permits. There will come a day when many will no longer have access to Hope for Survival and many other helpful resources and podcast. We all will be on our own. That's right. So my initial question of "what do you believe" is a serious question everyone should and needs to soul search on their own. Ask yourself the question, are you in or out? Like I wrote in my second book, The Mindset, until you mentally accept a preparedness way of life, you are wasting your time doing anything else. Once you understand the need and cause to prepare, you will get your priorities in order hopefully.

You are probably thinking or silently stating, "he's angry again." Actually, no, I'm not angry. I'm deeply concerned for many who fail to heed the calling to get their stuff together. Alarmist? Fear Porn? Conspiracy words? Those who are not prepared can find any excuse to reverse what I am saying. It's not my conspiracy I'm pointing out. It is one created by the system the unprepared wish to live within. Not me. Daily I witness many who are retired and spend their retirement savings to get prepared by choice. Why? They sense something is wrong. Many would prefer to use their funds on cruises, vacations, and other things around their home. But they redirected their resources to prepare. Often they prepare for their children who are part of the perfect world they believe we live in.

I still question what it will take to push folks out to the streets to say "enough is enough." One thing that is very obvious, the people leaning left of center are far more passionate about what they believe compared to the right. Now to be fair part of this is because the media loves it when the woke left burns a building or protest violently in the cities. When the right does it the racist flags fly and many of us will go to jail. Don't believe it? The system allows 24 hour bail services for the ones who burned down Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and more. The Jan 6, 2021 Patriots who entered the Capitol Building remain jailed with minimal legal representation and they are still in pre-trial status. What is wrong with this picture?

We currently have several possible scenarios that could cause a massive revolt in American streets. I don't do predictions and simply share my thoughts and beliefs to what I see. It is just my opinion. What on earth could be so bad? Not in any particular order .....

  1. I believe the current case pending the Supreme Courts acceptance regarding Roe vs Wade could push the left out to revolt. If the Supreme Court sides with a Mississippi law regarding abortion and states follow along with Mississippi banning almost all abortion access, the Sunshine Movement and George Soros will push a massive revolt against the states.

  2. If another lockdown is ordered nation wide, I believe Americans will revolt against the order and simply ignore it. Thousands of small businesses will shut down forever and more will be unemployed and without income. Another lockdown will simply cripple America.

  3. As children are vaccinated and the true numbers of injury and death to our youth leaks out, I believe we will see a nation wide retaliation against the system.

  4. We are entering the winter season where we naturally encounter increased flu and colds. Many will be diagnosed with Covid-19 and given the same methods used for Covid-19 treatment.

  5. If tensions with Russia and China continues and a war breaks out in one region, I believe the other region will move forward as well. Most believe the US cannot fight two regional wars at once.

  6. I believe certain events could trigger a national event but not from the right where the Patriots stand in standby mode. It will be an event triggering the left to revolt and the right may have to respond in self defense.

  7. If the current Covid-19 rate of infection and death continues increasing, it won't matter who is causing the problem. The left and those vaccinated will turn on the unvaccinated, family to family, neighborhood neighbors, friend to friend, and the list goes on. The uneducated will not believe or take time to research the simple fact that more people who are vaccinated are dying today than a year ago when we had no vaccine. This point is not even debatable yet the unvaccinated will be blamed for the lockdowns and deaths.

The bigger problem here is focusing down to the individual level and convincing our loved ones and friends to be prepared. I haven't even addressed being prepared for natural disasters. So the list of reasons one should prepare is fairly easy to see for anyone who wants to see. It is that simple.

I just don't want this story to end where Festus and I see the puzzle completed and then look at each other and say "we tried to warn them but they wouldn't listen." I must say, we both pray we are completely wrong. Maybe we should end our prayer and then sing "Do you hear what we hear" since it is Christmas season and would be appropriate. Maybe would could get our Patriot brother code named The Walrus to sing baritone.

Next ....

It is the start of a new month so that means it's time to do our own personal threat matrix for potential global, national, and local threats that could impact my five mile radius. Are you doing your own personal threat matrix? If so, congratulations. If not, why not?

Here we go.

Why do I keep the threat of a EMP so high? The US Government fails to address the problem and each passing day exposes vulnerabilities to our national grid system through EMP or Cyber attacks. Each passing week the stars align closer and more precise to set up our nation for the EMP attack to occur. Bold? Yes. Possibility? Absolutely. In my lifetime we are the most vulnerable today than any other point. Here's a couple recent articles from the week on the EMP threat.

Next ....

OPSEC - Loose lips sinks ships.

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Signal, Zoom, and others, are not secure platforms and once said or typed, it is record and captured forever. No deletes, no erasing, and no forgetting. You just shared your words with the world. And when I say world, I mean anyone and everyone, including authorities who may today, tomorrow, or months, or years from the time of your post or verbal statement in a virtual room. Just because you are in a room, chat, or digital message between two, it does not mean it is private or secure. We do our best to point things out if we see or hear points, topics, or information that should not be discussed.

The big system in the sky has been monitoring, collecting, gathering, and profiling your words since inception of the Patriot Act years ago. I won't go in to great detail here and I hope you can understand my point and importance of your focus in this area. You should ALWAYS be asking yourself and your preparedness team, family, and friends who include you on emails, what is being stated or provided that could be tagged as a vulnerability? Bottom line is anything and everything an adversary could tag, store, copy, and use against you today, next week or in the future. Also remember, a friend today could be a threat tomorrow. Also remember soft indicators intercepted as puzzle pieces that once used and pieced together could then be used as key critical information against you, your preparedness plans, and other methods. Your activities and capabilities as an individual or group could be innocent however used in the future against what you believe to be secure well thought out plans. Last evening we discussed "how would you build a plan to attend a scheduled bartering meeting or open market in a WROL situation. OPSEC today and always is key to a successful session.

Do you know who you would categorize as a adversary to you? Your family? Your team or group? Do you know or have sworn enemies? A local or elements of a local government? Local groups within your community, town, or region who is or could become an adversary? What about anyone with the intent and capability to take actions detrimental to the success and survivability of you, your family, team, or community as well as all operations in these areas. Have you removed a previous preparedness member from your group? Could they now be an adversary? Did you adjust or change your plans after their removal? Does anyone have access to your passwords, network details, social security number, credit card numbers, baking information and other essential information? Do you set up digital accounts and allow your computer or phone store your password for easy access in the future? Have you talked with your family or group/team to identify critical information that must be protected?

Just remember, an adversary who is watching you without your knowledge has all the time in the world. A puzzle piece today may mean nothing, however five pieces collected over a month or six months could paint the big picture you are trying to protect. Here are links to previous articles I posted on the website pertaining to OPSEC.

I am a observer. I spend countless hours scanning, reading, and observing others. I'm not perfect and as much as I try to learn from others, I also learn things not to do or see huge OPSEC indicators and wish I could tap the person on the shoulder and let them know they may wish to go about the topic in another manner. I never wish to demotivate a person who is trying hard and getting prepared but makes a simple error that could be major in time. I see things such as pictures posted of entire food supplies, weapons and loads of ammo cans, and on and on. What they don't realize is previous post they made possibly includes other areas of their preparedness or another indicator to help the adversary. Additionally, depending on the camera settings when the photograph was taken, many photographs will reveal grid coordinates of the photographs location. This could be a minor point to many, however, a person who's goal is to be your adversary. When I go out to do a vulnerability assessment of a home or property, I focus on all the different ways I can get through the security the homeowner built and hurt them. Of course, I'm not planning to hurt them. The best way to test your plans is to put on the bad guy's hat and find your holes. This is the risk assessment process to find your vulnerabilities and then build a plan to mitigate. OPSEC must be built in to all these processes.

Get smart and be a part of keeping your key information secure and safe.

Next ....

Our Patriot sister from the Midwest of the US provided us with a monthly update on medicinal seeds and plants. The following link is the key to open up a new world in the area of herbs and medicinal plants, bushes and seeds. Check it out. Strictly Medicinal Seeds | Organic growers of medicinal herb seeds, medicinal herb plants, organic vegetable seeds and organic garden seeds

Next ....

And that is it for my thoughts this week. Let's move along now to some preparedness and other news for the week.

Preparedness News

1. From Cornelia Adams - The Prepper Journal - Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Prepping for Beginners - The Prepper Journal - Checklist? More? Why not? I collect checklist and crosscheck them with my primary checklist to see what is new and what I may wish to add to my collection. Having more is better than not having enough to guide the preparer in preparations.

2. From Greg Seabregts - The Homesteading Hippy - So, How Long Does Canned Food Really Last? * The Homesteading Hippy - This is another question asked often. How long will canned foods really last?

3.. From Jill Winger - The Prairie Homestead - How to Make Dehydrated Vegetable Powders • The Prairie Homestead - I have never tried this but if it works it would be a great capability for downsizing storage space.

4. From Prep School Daily - Prep School Daily: Using Wood Ash in the Yard and Garden - For a simple sampling one can watch many off grid preparedness videos and see examples of what to do with ash. Here is a good article on the same topic.

5. From Kristina Phelan - Homestead Survival Site - How to Make Cold and Flu Remedies at Home - Homestead Survival Site -Outstanding information. As we have witnessed through the past year, many folks are moving towards making their own remedies while we journey through the Covid-19 era.

Other News -

1. From Nisha and John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - The Rutherford Institute :: Don’t Give Up on the Blessings of Freedom | By John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead | - I know for some the thoughts of personal freedoms really does not exist. Freedoms will be provided or taken away by the local or federal government. That is how it works, right? Oh, but some would stand on this platform and preach to the high heavens on this one. I am past that debate to be honest. This is a good article by J.W. Whitehead. Check it out.

2. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Market.US - Here’s Why U.S. Supply Chain Problems Will Only Get Worse - - Most Americans have never endured hunger or doing without the basic needs in life. Until they feel some level of discomfort I do not believe they will ever realize the potential problems lurking ahead. I base this on my own past growing up and experiences in third world countries witnessing food shortages.

3. From Jim Rickards - Jim Rickards Blog - Jim Rickards Blog - Please raise your hand if you believe the Feds got your back and looks out for you?

4. From Wes Rhinier - NC Renegade - Pure Evil: Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci ‘Surprise’ Children at DC Elementary School to Encourage Kids to Get Vaxxed | NC Renegades - Oh Joy Joy, this makes me want to run out to get the vax. Absolutely. This reminds me of years ago when kids and teens purchased the Air Jordan sneakers because they seriously believed the shoes would make them fly like Michael Jordan.

5. From Thaddeous McCotter - American Greatness - The Royalist Left Purges a Revolutionary: Thomas Jefferson › American Greatness ( - Good read for those connecting current day craziness with words from our forefathers.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

Even with all the worldly challenges, struggles, and heartbreaks we must always give thanks for the blessings in our own life and our family each day. Life can be hard and sometimes unfair to us, but we still have many things to be thankful for each day. We must not forget them.

Many HFS Patriots are in tough situations and having to choose between the Covid-19 vaccine or losing their jobs. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as these folks move forward with a decision.

We have Patriots with personal prayer needs and/or family members with prayer needs as well.

Please pray for our Patriot sister and brother in Western NC. One Covid-19 positive, one negative, but both going through the symptoms and impacts. Our Patriot sister has endured two hospital emergency room visits this week which ended with several nights in the hospital. .

Please pray for our Patriot sister in Central GA who is recovering from foot and ankle surgery. May you heel and mend timely without issues. I spoke with our Patriot brother (husband) this week who shared she is looking at roughly ten to twelve weeks of recovery and rehab. I told him it's pretty cool that he gets to be boss during this time (wink).

We pray for our Patriot sister who traveled to Western NC to assist her cousin in his battle with Covid-19. We pray for them and a full recovery and her safe travel back to northern Alabama.

As we have prayer needs for answers to health and family matters we also have prayers of thanks for recent health answers and recoveries.

We all must pray strong and often for the citizens of our great nation. Many of our sisters and brothers are struggling daily with things they witness, encounter, and are surprised with out of the norm. Many times we are in unchartered areas, however, we still must keep our faith and focus on the big picture. Our prayers and faithful strength together will be required often to battle the evils being thrown upon all of us minute by minute.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community and nation needs us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on hope. Remember we are a blessed nation and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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