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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #160

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #160. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. As we begin our journey through May, we see lots of different weather patterns and conditions around the nation. While many are preparing for doomsday, remember you are more likely to be hit by mother nature and natural disasters than eventual doomsday. By preparing vs prepping, we focus on everyday life, not a single event. You could have other events that will impact your daily life and impede your abilities to provide for yourself and your family. Being prepared is an insurance policy to protect you and your loved ones. Most insurance policies pay off after the event has struck. Preparedness is a policy to protect you from the start of the event. You decide.

Last Friday evening I had a great visit with the Crossville and one of the KY team leads along with their CEOs. We shared a good meal at a local eatery while discussing topics covered in a HFS Team Leader meeting conducted the night before. Time together and positive discussions makes for an easier drive home to Eastern TN. I appreciate their time given up meeting with me on a Friday evening.

Ms. Lucy and I will be entering another crazy period of life with lots of travel the next six weeks or so. Somehow, we will manage and work it out, but time will be limited, and our energy will have to be focused on numerous task we do each week in order to keep the train on the track. Why does it seem that life goes faster with more to do as we age?

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – This week we conducted HFS Zoom Rally #87 with more group exercises and a discussion on upcoming changes to HFS. We also spent more time focusing on the importance of building a P.A.C.E. Family Communication Plan and why. If a disaster strikes tomorrow, do you have a plan in place to communicate with loved ones?

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