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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #209

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #209.

He is Risen. Happy Easter to you and yours. I hope you get some down time to relax with family and if you celebrate Easter and its meaning, I hope you can do so with loved ones.

April is here and I believe the April fool's joke wasn't just on the first day of the month, but now it appears daily around our nation. The good news is I'm finding bees buzzing around my blueberry bushes so hopefully they will also show up in my garden soon. I hope you are equally successful with your pollination.

With so much crazy stuff taking place it is important that we recognize truth from what is real and not real. Organizations are jumping on the popular movement of the moment all for financial reasons and no recognition of the organizations moral standing. I'm wondering if some of these organizations even have a moral standing. I wonder to myself how anyone cannot see a system breaking down at record speed and not seeing a need to better prepare their household for what appears ahead of us. Corruption is accepted as the norm and law-abiding citizens are labeled with evil terms and titles. You are expected to get aboard with the current movements or be labeled and destroyed.

Are you paying attention to the level of natural occurrences around America? I have been talking about it and advising folks to stay focused and alert. Powerful storms and destruction, floods, record snowfall, and expected impacts to our fruit and food crops for 2023. California produces roughly 50% of our fruit and vegetable crops and between previous droughts and current flooding, shortages are expected. Are you prepared to pay higher prices or do without? If you are prepared you should cruise right through it. Stay focused

HFS annual March Madness Donation drive is closed for 2023. Thanks to everyone who donated through the month of March to help us achieve our goal. Your generous support will keep us operating through 2023. We closed out the donation drive achieving 100% of our goal. Thank you very much.

Let us move along....

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